What are the qualifications needed to study?

Students should already have a vital, living relationship with Jesus Christ, have their own King James Version Bible, and an insatiable appetite to know more about God and His loving relationship with His creation of mankind. Age is no barrier. Many boys and girls ten years and up have enjoyed studying in our classrooms. In addition, a person must make a full commitment to the Lord from the beginning that they will not stop until the entire course has been completed, either in a classroom setting or by correspondence. Without that commitment, a person will tend to drop out after a short time. Since our first school in 1976, we have experienced a drop-out rate in our U.S. schools of about one-third due to failure of a strong commitment to God in studying the course. Overseas our drop-out rate is about 5%.

What about tests and examinations?

We do not believe that tests and examinations are necessary if a person is really called of God to study the course. Sometimes, in some of the subjects, we give little “quizzes”. But students will correct their own papers, and no marks or grades are given. God is not a respecter of persons, nor does He compare one person with or against another. We do not feel we should do that either.

What is the financial cost of the Bible School?

If you take the classes “live” in your area, there is no tuition or charge. Those taking a local class should consider giving offerings to help towards the weekly expenses of the teacher, but other than that, all of the live classes are free. The correspondence course is offered for a donation. Please click here for our catalog to see types of media available and suggestioned donations.

Must we take the subjects in order?

It has been our experience, since opening our first school in September of 1976, to strongly recommend taking the courses in the same order as listed in this catalog. The reason being that there are many individual subjects within each series, and each of these subjects are presented in a particular way to help you build a solid foundation in God through His Word. So within each series this building process is going on, each subject building off the previous subject. And then, each series builds from the previous series as well. As much as you might want to jump ahead and study a particular series first, it is best to take them in order, thus laying a solid basis for understanding each succeeding subject and series. We have seen some who “jumped” subjects become confused because they missed some of the spiritual building blocks along the way. The Word of God is very logical and intelligent. God is not the author of confusion. We believe He has helped us with a logical order for this particular study course. However, when you come to re-teach these subjects to others, you may wish to change the order of the subjects or the series themselves. That will then be between you and the Holy Spirit on how to present the truth to your students.


Can we use the same outlines to re-teach others?

Yes! That’s one advantage of our using outlines to teach you. You have our permission to turn around and use the same outlines to teach others the same truths of God you have learned. Of course, you will be adding other scriptures and your own experiences as the Holy Spirit bring them to your remembrance. You will notice that our name does not appear on any of the outlines, and so you are free to copy them for your own personal use in teaching others.


Do we get any kind of degree or diploma?

Although we are a recognized non-profit organization, we are not recognized by the State of Michigan as an authorized educational college or university. Therefore, we are not allowed to issue a degree upon your graduation. However, we do issue a diploma in Bible & Theology once you have completed the entire course. Many other colleges and universities have issued credit to our graduates in the area of Religion, some as many as 20 credit hours.

How do we go about starting our own class?

We recommend that you finish the WORD SERIES first. Then try to find a few people that want to study the Bible in a systematic way. Meet in a home, pass out the outlines from the WORD SERIES, and start teaching one night per week for at least two-and-one-half or three hours if possible. Keep the teachings going each week, with the exception of holidays or by mutual agreement sometimes during the summer months, when most of the class is gone on vacations, etc. While you are working on the next course, FAITH, you can be teaching your students the same subject you just finished, as it is fresh in your mind and spirit. Dave & Joanne Allis (Lake Odessa) had three such classes going after just six months in the course. In one year after graduation another couple opened up three Bible Schools in California besides teaching overseas for us in Africa, India, and Russia.